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Aircraft Armor

Add-on armor kits can be customized to meet mission, weight and performance objectives for all types of ball and armor-piercing threats. PROTECH Armor Systems provides advanced lightweight composite designs for reduced weight and superior multi-hit ballistic performance. As an industry leader, we were selected to manufacture cockpit door ballistic panels per FAA requirements for fortified cockpit doors as a result of the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks.

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PROTECH® Armor Systems Aircraft Armor

Features & Options

From full OEM integration to retrofits, PROTECH provides solutions for commercial, homeland security, corporate sector and military markets across the globe. We specialize in both custom and standard off-the-shelf systems. Our products range from lightweight polyethylene and ceramic composite systems to steel and aluminum hybrids, offering each individual client the flexibility of supporting mission-specific protection requirements. Our goals for our customers are based on doing business quietly, achieving the right results in the right way, providing peace of mind and building the foundation needed for success.

  • Ballistic panels are easily installed and removed by front-line personnel. In most cases, no special tooling is required and armor systems can be easily transferred from one aircraft to another
  • The availability of replacement panels eliminates the full replacement of the kit, thus reducing cost and aircraft downtime
  • Polyurea protective coatings afford optimal durability, performance and slip resistance
  • Vertical Burn Resistance: Independent FAA-certified laboratory testing in accordance with FAR 25.853 (a) (1) (I) Appendix F Part
  • Excellent resistance to, and protection from, a variety of environmental and chemical situations
  • Lightweight PE and Ceramic Composite Systems
  • Design to Threat Capability
  • More Than 20 Years of Experience
  • In-house Armor Design, Fabrication and Testing
  • Off-the-shelf Solutions from 9mm to 14.5mm
  • Meet NIJ Standard 0108.01, IIA Through IV
  • Special Threat Solutions
  • CNC Capability for Through Panel Fastening Systems
  • CARC Systems


PROTECH Armor Systems offers a broad array of ballistic and fragmentation solutions. From full OEM integration to retrofits, our products provide solutions for commercial, homeland security and military markets across the globe.

Ballistic Protection
9mm and .44 Magnum
7.62mmX51 NATO (M80) Ball
7.62mmX51 AP M61
7.62mmX39 M1943 Type PS Ball, Steel Core
7.62mmX39 AP BZI
5.56mmX45 M193
5.56mmX45 M855 (SS109)
7.62mmX54R B32 and LPS
.30-06 AP M2
.50 Caliber M2 Ball
.50 Caliber M2 AP
14.5 X114 API
2gr RCC
4gr RCC
16gr RCC
17gr RCC
64gr RCC
.30 FSP
.50 FSP

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