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About Us

Why Choose Protech Armor

For over 30 years, the Safariland® brand, PROTECH® Armor Systems has garnered a reputation for high-performance products, and industry-leading experience. With today’s constantly changing social climates, PROTECH continues to design, produce, and deliver highly capable custom, and off-the-shelf security and protective solutions for law enforcement, military, and security personnel globally.

With field-proven research and development defining every solution, the PROTECH team works closely with each client to ensure all performance specifications, weight, functionality, and cost objectives are met across a wide range of platforms. These include:

  • Ballistic and blast-resistant guard booths, defensive fighting positions, and guard towers

  • Turret systems and weapon mounts

  • Lightweight composite armor systems for land, marine, and aircraft

  • Ballistic glass and opaque armor kits and solutions

  • State-of-the-art facilities offer high volume production and a multitude of processing options, including autoclaves and high-pressure molding. With over three decades of experience and material knowledge, our team and advanced systems provide for a wide array of standard product offerings as well as custom solutions, meeting each individual application.

    Safeguarding confidentiality throughout their meticulous processes, the PROTECH team has long-established trust among an extensive and diverse list of end-users and OEM clients.

    • More than 30 years of ballistic design and technology experience
    • Products manufactured using only the highest quality and most advanced ballistic materials and steels
    • Broad range of small arm ballistic threats up to .50 AP rounds
    • Exclusive PROTECH® ARMOR-LOK™ protection
    • Quality Control – ISO 9001:2010 certified
    • Independent certification of all ballistic materials used in manufacturing
    • Proven past performance serving the global military, nuclear, law enforcement and government communities
    • Custom designs utilizing in house Engineering to meet any requirement
    • Pre-fabricated turn-key solutions
    • On-site support
    • AWS-certified welders