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Protective Structures

From defensive fighting positions, guard booths, and guard towers, to fully protected modular ballistic enclosure solutions, PROTECH Armor Systems offers ballistic and blast protection on any level.

Marine, Air and Land

Armor Systems

From full OEM integration to retrofits, PROTECH provides solutions for commercial, homeland security, corporate sector and military markets across the globe.

Ballistic Protection

Industry Leading Protection

Why Choose Protech Armor

A world leader in hard-armor technologies, PROTECH® Armor Systems, a Safariland® brand, designs and manufactures custom armor solutions for virtually all types of applications. With the most field-proven advanced materials, engineering, and the latest technology in ballistic development, our team provides clients with the ideal balance of performance specifications, costs, weight, and functionality in all the products we manufacture.

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Weapon Mounts

Meeting the needs of US, foreign or custom specifications, PROTECH Armor Systems’ manufacturing expertise ensures every weapon mount is constructed to exacting standards accommodating a vast array of installations and applications.

PROTECH® Armor Systems Gun Mounts


Gunner Protection Kits

PROTECH® Armor Systems’ integrates armored gunner protection kits with essential ballistic protection accommodating a vast array of installations and applications. Featuring lightweight composites and transparent armor options.

Protech Armor Systems Gunner Protection Kit
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