Bullet Resistant Enclosures
   (Guard Booths, Guardhouses, Gatehouses, Security Booths, Guard Enclosures)
The risks in today’s world call for protection against some of the harshest ballistic, blast and fragmentation threats. As a world leader in hard-armor technology, PROTECH® is rapidly becoming the single-source provider of security solutions for military, nuclear and government agencies.

Using only the most advanced materials and engineering, PROTECH offers standard and custom security booths, prefabricated buildings, guardhouses, guard booths, and tower systems providing unsurpassed protection no matter what’s demanded.
Guard Booths


A PROTECH Ballistic Resistant Enclosure® (BRE) armored unit offers a turn-key solution delivered pre-fabricated to your site. Each BRE kit is produced to meet specific levels of bullet resistance and (optional) blast-resistance, offering enhanced levels of occupant survivability.

Bullet resistant protection levels range from 9mm handgun to .50 M2AP. While comprehensive blast analyses demonstrate performance levels and safe standoff distances specific to each facility.

Guard Tower


Fully prefabricated bullet resistant and blast resistant guard tower systems to meet individual site requirements for elevated security applications.

Fully engineered designs are available meeting both hurricane and comprehensive blast criteria. Units are constructed with structural steel components and feature fully galvanized stair systems.

Mobile Security Enclosure


Our mobile security enclosures offer 360-degree bullet resistant protection from assault rifles and Improvised Explosive Devices (IED's).

.50 Cal Turret


360-degree traversing turret systems are offered in multiple configurations, along with gunner protection systems.

Featuring integrated systems for use with weapons from the M240 and .50 BMG to the Dillon (minigun) M134D. An industry first.

Multi-Layer Protective Film

Multi-Layer Protective Film

PROTECH® offers 3M™ Scotchguard™ Multi-Layer Protective Film as an optional accessory to provide additional protection to the ballistic glass in any Ballistic Resistant Enclosure® unit.

One installation can provide up to four layers of protection from scratches and wear. The film is easily installed and can be peeled away instantly to ensure a clear view.

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