Our fully engineered bullet resistant & (optional) blast resistant guard towers are turn-key solutions for perimeter security applications at nuclear facilities, military installations, border crossings, chemical/petroleum plants, correctional facilities, and other industrial locations.
Ballistic Resistant Enclosure on Guard Tower


- Ballistic and (optional) blast resistance
- Existing standard designs or complete custom solutions 
- Fully engineered, blast and hurricane rated tower designs
- Fully pre-fabricated
- Hot-dip galvanized stair systems
- Fully engineered HVAC systems to meet harsh climates
- Optional catwalks and shooting stations
- High performance coatings, such as CARC systems

Bullet Resistant Guard TowerFULLY ENGINEERED SYSTEMS

Our guard tower systems are designed and built to meet the most stringent security and structural standards, from severe blast events to geographical seismic concerns, each individual requirement is evaluated and certified via comprehensive analysis and supporting calculations. 

For most validation reporting, Protech utilizes Wiss, Janney, Elstner & Associates, Inc. (WJE), headquarters in Northbrook, Illinois with office locations throughout the United States.

Ballistic Resistant Enclosure on Guard TowerCUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS

In support of commercial, military, and Homeland Security requirements, our products are currently in use protecting personnel, infrastructure, and vital assets across the globe.  

With a forté for customizing solutions, we are prepared to meet the most stringent of ballistic, blast or fragmentation concerns.

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