PROTECH® Ballistic Resistant Enclosure (BRE) units are turn-key solutions delivered pre-fabricated to your site. Each BRE is produced to meet specific levels of bullet resistant and (optional) blast resistance, offering enhanced levels of occupant survivability. 

While PROTECH® is most recognized for producing customized solutions, standard off-the-shelf configurations are also available
Guard Booth Features and Specifications


  • 9MM TO .50 M2AP ballistic protection (or any NIJ or UL Level of protection)
  • Blast and fragmentation protection where required 
  • Manufactured utilizing pre-certified armor plate and ballistic glass
  • Ballistic and blast resistant (where required) gunports and windows
  • Fully engineered HVAC systems
  • Tube steel frame construction
  • High performance interior and exterior coating systems

ARMOR-LOK Ballistic Enclosures


Exclusive ARMOR-LOK design incorporates  protection to all vulnerable areas of each structure including the seams where armor panels meet, gaps in the corners of a structure, and seams between window and wall junctions. Any vulnerable or perceived weak area is enhanced with custom fabricated mullions or components, achieving complete 360-degree ballistic protection.

Blast & Ballistic Resistant Guard Booth


  • Chemical, biological, nuclear (CBN) filtration systems
  • Blast overpressurization systems
  • Electrical panels to specification
  • Restroom facility (ADA Compliant)
  • High output (Glare) exterior lighting systems
  • Gun turret systems
  • Trailer mounted
  • Generator power
  • Intercom systems
  • Handicap (ADA) requirements
  • Glass armor options (1-way mirror, tint, night vision compatibility
  • 3M Scotchguard Multi-Layer Protective Film 
  • Additional optional features are available upon request.

Custom Guard Booth


Standard and customized booths are available in sizes ranging from 4'X4' to 10'X20' or greater. Size, layout, and configuration variants offer solutions for each clients specific requirements. 

Our technical specialists will work with you closely to meet design objectives ranging from ballistic and/or blast performance levels to interior layouts, meeting each of your security concerns. 

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