What is a BRE?
BRE® is a PROTECH® registered trademark, which stands for Ballistic Resistant Enclosure. These are highly robust structures affording ballistic, and in most cases, blast protection. The framing system consists of a comprehensive tube steel construction; while interiors utilize steel and other high strength materials ensuring superior durability and prolonged life. Our advanced designs allow each structure to maintain integrity from initial delivery through its full lifecycle.

How are the guard booths, towers, or fighting positions shipped?
All or most products in this category are shipped via truck. PROTECH can offer competitive quotes from a local carrier or you may choose the company.

How are they offloaded?
It is the responsibility of the buyer to have all guard booths, towers, or other armored structures offloaded. It is typically done via crane or forklift, depending on the size of the unit. All structures contain lifting lugs for ease of offloading.

How are these products anchored down?
Ground mounted units come complete with integrated mounting points.

What protection levels can you get these products in?
PROTECH provides products capable of defeating handgun protection (9mm) to assault rifle up to and including .50 Armor Piercing. In addition, we offer blast analyses for a wide range of charge weights.

What sizes do the BRE’s come in?
The most common sizes produced are 8’ x 8’ and 8’ x 10’, however we produce them in virtually any size or configuration desired by the end user.

How are they powered?
All prefabricated guard houses come completely wired with required electrical panels and provisions. The end user/site is responsible for running the appropriate power to the structure. It enters through the side of the structure into existing conduit penetrations, and then connected to the panel.

Do the AFP’s come in collapsible form?
Yes, we can provide kitted or modular systems. For more information contact your representative.

Are the AFP’s movable?
If required, we can provide them with castors for mobility or forklift compatible bases.

What does Armor-Lok mean?
The exclusive ARMOR-LOK design incorporates protection to all vulnerable areas of each structure. Click here for more information: ARMOR-LOK

Can the BRE’s be provided with restrooms included?
Yes, we do indeed provide restrooms where required.

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