Our hardened fighting positions, also known as Defensive Positions are designed for perimeter security and Force Protection/Anti-Terrorism applications. Offered in prefabricated units or modular systems, we can provide standard designs as well as complete custom configurations.
Prefabricated Defensive Positions


Prefabricated bullet resistant Armored Fighting Positions and Defensive Positions are turn-key security solutions. Providing ballistic and/or  fragmentation protection from Improvised Explosive Devices (IED's), they are offered in both standard or custom configurations.

Available in ballistic resistance from 9mm to .50 M2AP.


Our vast design and engineering capabilities enable us to meet each application for customized solutions. From palletized modular kits to permanent add-on components with ballistic gunports and viewports, we work with each client to address their individual security concern. 

We have developed solutions for grade, tower and roof applications from stand alone to fully integrated hardening. 

Perimeter Security Fighting Position


  • Perimeter Security
  • Checkpoint Security
  • Vital Asset Protection
  • Fixed Fighting Positions
  • Supplemental Guardhouse Security
  • Structural / Key Infrastructure Hardening
  • Replacement of Sandbags or Concrete Structures
  • Border Crossings

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